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Special and Interactive Events

Over the past 7 years, Art All Night-Trenton has grown to be the region's leading art festival. Initially put together as a large, open submission gallery, Art All Night has grown to include demo’s, installations and teaching events from the area's foremost artists.Art All Night 2014 will facilitate more of this interactive, educational and collaborative art than ever and we want you to be a part of it! Just like the art in the gallery you don’t need to be a high-end, big time artist to be involved. Just someone with an idea you want to share or bring to life with the help of 30,000 people at a FREE 24 hour art festival!

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Glass Blowing Demo
All 24 Hours
Near the food court

JMG Studios of Piscataway are back again this year with their largest setup yet.
Doubling the size of their location last year they are incorporating 12 glass blowers at
once. Check out their amazing torch work up close or see some of their free blowing
creating massive pieces with intricate colors. When the sun goes down be sure to stop by
to see how hot the glass is IT GLOWS!

The Silent Disco
Interactive Music Experience
All 24 Hours
In installation room off the gallery

Sound Off Productions presents the Art All Night Silent Disco. This international
production company has selected Art All Night as a location to show off their latest
wireless headphone systems! Enter the Silent Disco and put on a pair of headphones you
can use to select the feed from one of three DJ's spinning. The DJ's are color coded and
the lights on your headphones flash to the beat of their music in matching color. Come
check out multicultural DJ's mixed with other local DJ's spinning throughout the 24

Dueling Muralists Demo
All 24 Hours
In Millyard park

Last year we brought you the Tag Team Dueling Muralists where two artists
collaborated on one giant mural to face off against their opponents. This year we bring
you the Dueling Muralists Battle Royal! Four artists on four canvases working for the
full 24 artists. The theme this year is Scary Faerie Tales. Be sure to check out the murals
throughout the 24 hours to see their progress. This years artists are Dave "Mek" Klama,
Jonathan "Lank" Connor. Jim Lemyre and Will "Kasso" Condry.

The Amazon-ian Rain Forest
Interactive Art Installation
All 24 Hours with special showings at
In Millyard Park

Up-cycled artist Alexis Vassilious is at it again with another interactive up-cycled
art installation. After a hiatus last year this year's installation titled "The Amazon-ian
Rain Forest" focuses on online consumerism and waste. The project brings back the
interactive element by inviting attendees to create their own unique jungle artifact and
hanging amongst the others visitors have created. Incorporated into the up-cycled
background models and performers will make appearances.

Mossy Couture's "Step and Repeat"
All 24 Hours
In Millyard Park

Mossy Couture floral and event specialists have created a elaborate and
extravagant photo backdrop for you to pose in front of. Come by and snap some photos
with your friends, favorite artists or just random people. Later post them to social media
using the supplied hashtags and be a part of the buzz that is Art All Night!

Task Party
Interactive Art Installation
7 pm to 2 am
Near the film festival in the main gallery

Oliver Herrings TASK is an interactive Art Installation. To put is simply you
write down an idea and put it in a box. In exchange for your idea you pull out someone
else's idea. Art supplies are provided and you execute the idea you have chosen. It
could be something wild like making a top hat putting it on someone else at the festival
or putting on a short play about your life for a group of unsuspecting people. The ideas
should provide a conduit for interesting and random things to be shared with people at
the event.

Trenton250 Balloons
Interactive Art Installation
All 24 Hours
In the main gallery

Drum Circle
Interactive Music Experience
Saturday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm
The Food Court Music Stage

Join the pulsating rhythm of the drum circle. They are kicking Art All Night off
again this year. Bring your drums and other percussive toys and play along to the beat.

The Ritchie Cole Interactive Jazz Masters Class
Interactive Music Experience
Saturday from 5:30 to 6:15 pm
The Food Court Music Stage

World famous local jazz artist Richie Cole presents his Interactive Jazz Masters
Class. Be a part of the jam and bring your own instrument or grab the mic and belt out
some improvisational vocals. Richie sets the ground rules and then anything goes.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing
Saturday from 10:00 to 10:45 pm
The Food Court Music Stage

Russo Music, Trenton Social, and Benny P Present: Open Mic with Benny P
Interactive Music Experience
Sunday from noon to 3 pm
The Food Court Music Stage

Wild man Benny P brings his Tuesday open mic from Trenton Social to Art All
Night. Get there early because signup is required. This is your chance to hit the AAN

Styrofoam Construction
Saturday from 3:00 to 4:30 pm and Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm
The Outdoor Demo Area

Artist Mike Gyampo showcases his techniques for carving and glazing modeling
foam. During his first session on Saturday watch as he uses different tools to shape the
Styrofoam to his desired form. He then returns Sunday to glaze and finish the piece.
Come check out this unique process both days and get a feel for how he works from
beginning to end.

Hair Art Demo
Saturday from 5:00 to 6:30 pm
The Outdoor Demo Area

New Era Barbershop of Trenton brings out all their barbers and clippers to create
wild hair designs. Carving intricate details into models and attendee's heads spots logos,
graphic designs and possibly even the Art All Night logo will be among the finished
designs. Come check out this unique art form before it grows out.

Graffiti Demo
Saturday from 6:30 to 7:30 pm
The Outdoor Demo Area

You might know him as Rain, Rainbow or just Leon but local artist Leon Rainbow is a force in the east coast graffiti scene. His countless projects for musical acts, promotional events and even fashion all come from his home base of Trenton. While making art seen internationally Leon helps the scene at home producing events like The Jersey Fresh Graf Jam at Teracycle and even graffiti classes for beginners. Check out his demo on the basics of graffiti lettering and techniques.

Electrocute Fire Dancing
Saturday from 8:00 to 9:30 pm
The Outdoor Demo Area

Poy fire dancing is a centuries old art and it makes its first Art All Night
appearance this year! The Electrocute fire dancers from Philladelphia PA will show off
their talents doing many fire based stunts and tricks. Later watch the duo of dancers spin
fireballs and dance to the music. It's going to burn up the night.

Bike Welding
Sunday from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am
The Outdoor Demo Area

Last year Wills Kinnsley also know as Wheels worked tirelessly on his 8 foot tall
trike. Well a few locals saw what he was doing last year and this spring the Trenton Bike
Modification Club was born. Sparks will fly while these roughneck riders weld a one of
a kind bike Artworks will auction off at a later date. See how their skills are used to
deconstruct old bikes and transform them into new kinetic pieces of art.

The Greykult and Skate Jawn Skate and Art Demo
Demo's at 5:00, 7:00, 9:00 and 11:00pm Saturday and 1:0 am, Noon and 3:00pm on Sunday
Next to the main stage

Trenton has always been a hotspot for great skate boarding. Grey Kult Skateboards, a budding skateboard company, and Skate Jawn, an underground skate magazine are two local groups representing the scene. This year they will be hosting our first sport/art marathon. Watch as multiple skateboarders tear up their custom pickup truck ramp they put together just for Art All Night. Artists will also lend a hand to create a unique art installation out of the truck/ramp.

The Twirling Arcade
Interactive Play Area
Saturday from 3 pm to 2 am and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm.
Next to the main stage

Also known as the Hula Hoop Lounge, Playful Creations is back at it again this
year. Come grab a hoop, pair of devil sticks or one of the other fun toys and get twirling.
Not only is it fun it is a great workout!

Clifford Zink Walking Tour
Historical Walking Tour
Sunday from 11:00 am to Noon
Meet at the Artworks Booth

Did you know that the building that has housed Art All Night for the past 8 years
is same place The John Roebling Company created the wires that suspend the Brooklyn
Bridge and other suspension bridges through the country. Join Roebling specialist on an
informative walking tour of the factory grounds. Learn about the manufacturing history
as well as the people who made Trenton a great part of American industry.

108 Sun Saluatations in Honor of the Summer Solstice
Yoga Demo
Saturday at 3:00 pm
In Millyard Park

The Paint Pendulum
Interactive Art Demo
All 24 hours
In Millyard Park

Like a giant clock pendulum the Paint Pendulum will be swinging for the full 24
hours at Art All Night. Come watch members of Trenton's SAGE coalition use the
earths gravitational pull along with recycled paint and building materials to create
unbelievable panels. They later use the panels to cover windows in as part of a project to
help rid the city of blighted properties. Feel free to bring your used house paint to donate
to the project!

The Art All Night Pedi Cab Experience
Interactive Art Demo
All 24 hours
On The Roll

Wills Kinnsley built a unique pedi cab just for Art All Night. It will be on the move the whole night so keep an eye out and hop on for a ride and get some interesting Art All Night folklore and facts. The cab will have limited seating and will be available on a hop on or off basis. When the rider takes a break and the cab gets parked take the time to admire the handy work it took to create what is sure to be a new Art All Night regular attraction.


3:00-3:45 pm Art, Ecology, Anthropology
presented by Susan Hoenig
A presentation of art about wildlife and habitat, and how the relationship between culture and the natural environment has shifted. External changes have influenced our ecosystems. Understanding Earth's symbiotic balance is crucial for growth and realization of our fragile existence.
Venue: Master Class Space

3:45-4:30 pm Stencils: Working in Layers
presented by Jonathan Conner (Lank)
A lecture on the history of stencils in art, the stencil making process and a discussion of images created using the stencil process.
Venue: Master Class Space

4:30-5:15 pm Portrait Drawing
presented by Thom Montanari
A class in graphite pencil portraits and some full color facial features isolation drawings. This master class will shed light on the process on how a portrait comes to life; starting from larger forms and shapes, then systematically adding the features.
Venue: Master Class Space

5:15-6:00 pm Felt Making
presented by Nelly Kouzmina
Short lecture about the origin of felt. Fiber layout and process of felt-making will be presented through a demonstration. Samples of work will be presented - flat felt, 3D felt, nuno felt and cob web felt.
Venue: Master Class Space

5:30-6:15 pm Jazz Interactive Master Class
presented by Richie Cole
Sax-Jazz legend who has performed with industry giants speaks about the jazz music world and offers insights.
Venue: Food Court Stage

6:00-6:45 pm Arts Immersion: Shaping the Audience Experience
presented by Daniel Swern
Arts immersion can take on many meanings depending on its context for deployment. As an associate producer, producer, and director for several immersive properties including Punchdrunk's "Sleep No More", National Theatre of Scotland's new production, "The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart," and "I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway by Tucker Max," Swern has a long knowledge in crafting spaces to fit the art, and will offer tips, stories and further information on how to create new audience experiences.
Venue: Master Class Space

6:45-7:30 pm Arts Advocacy 101
presented by Stephanie Carr
Explore the most effective and easiest ways to advocate for yourself, for your art, and for art everywhere! This class will include all of the specifics you'll need to schedule a meeting with your legislators as well as what to do once you get there. We'll discover the best ways to tell your story, and we'll even have a bit of role-play.
Venue: Master Class Space

7:30-8:00 pm Building a Polymer Clay Flower Cane
presented by Robin Milne
A demonstration on how to use polymer clay to create a cane. A cane (millefiori) is a log of clay with a design built into it so each slice of the log contains the design--think slice and bake cookies or sushi. These beautiful sliced portraits have been all the rage on social media this June.
Venue: Master Class Space

8:00-9:00 pm Realism Painting with Mel Leipzig
presented by Mel Leipzig
Legendary painter Mel Leipzig offers a class in painting in realistic styles with four colors.
Venue: Master Class Space

9:00-9:45 pm Funding Your Art through Kickstarter & indieGogo
presented by Jonathan Elliott
Crowdfunding is a powerful and popular way to raise money for projects you're passionate about; it's a great method of getting that passion to catch in other people, get your voice heard, and let people who want to see you make your work happen help by voting with their dollars. This workshop will use real-world examples of how to build a winning crowd-sourced funding campaign, and will help you choose which site might be best for you while also walking you through each step of a successful fundraising journey.
Venue: Master Class Space

9:45-10:30 pm Anatomy of a Live Music Video Shoot
presented by Robert Bullington
Current technology allow musics artists to connect quickly, vibrantly, and authentically with audiences through streaming video--but there are often concerns associated with costs and technical complexities. Well, with this workshop, we're going to put those fears to rest. Robert Bullington of Front Row Seat Productions will guide the audience through a multi-camera live video shoot, featuring popular New Brunswick rock band The Clydes. The Clydes will perform a song off their recently released EP, 'Generator,' and Robert will demonstrate how a near-instantaneous demo video can be produced through a multi-camera shoot. This workshop is designed to demonstrate how an affordable, professionally-produced live music video can be generated with attention to detail, storytelling, and authenticity.
Venue: Master Class Space

10:00-10:45 pm Mid-East Dance
presented by Marge Naperski
Explore techniques and combinations in mid-east cultural dance styles, focusing on the fundamental arm, shoulder, abdominal, and hip movements, with Marge Naperski of the Tehani Mid-East Polynesian Dance Company. Technique will be drilled to create muscle meory and then sequenced together inot combinations which develop strength and grace through movement.
Venue: Food Court Stage

10:30-11:00 pm Creative Writing
presented by Doc Long
Former Trenton High School Creative Writing teacher and prolific writer Doc Long will provide insight, prompts and motivations to get you started in writing prose, poetry and short stories.
Venue: Master Class Space

11:00-11:45 pm Muslim Imagery in Hollywood
presented by Usame Tunagur
A class on the overarching filmic Muslim images and the process of otherization of by the Hollywood machine, while interrogating the historical Orientalist imagination and the representation of Muslims. To make his point, he will present a number of clips from early cinema --such as The Terrible Turkish Executioner (1903) and The Sheik (1921), and a few clips from post 9/11 films --such as The Kingdom (2007) and Traitor (2008).
Venue: Master Class Space


7:30-8:15 am Cin's Cluster of Creativity
presented by Cindy Mich
A presentation on creative diversity from a long time published author, radio show host, and director and producer.
Venue: Master Class Space

8:15-9:00 am Theater Improvisation Games
presented by Ruth Markoe
You don't have to be an actor to learn to think on your feet and work together to create theater! Like on "Whose Line Is It Anyway", you will have an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and play in this entertaining format. Let your hair down and have fun!
Venue: Master Class Space

9:00 am Morning Yoga Practice
presented by Christine Donahue
This is a traditional practice of Sun Salutations that is done on the Solstice.
Venue: Indoor Stage

9:00-9:45 am Telling Stories Through Video
presented by John Bauwens
A video storytelling demonstration.
Venue: Master Class Space

9:45-10:30 am Promoting Your Art Online
presented by Krystal Knapp
Social media, websites, news sites, Tumblr - there are so many online sources where you can promote your work. We will take a look at successful strategies and also cover how to write a winning news release about your art work, gallery opening, event or concert.
Venue:Master Class Space

10:30-11:15 am Finding Your Voice Through Playwriting
presented by Tricia Bitetto
Participants will leave this Master Class having written a 1 minute play that dramatizes a personal experience, ranging from the what-might-seem-mundane to the remarkable. You may be surprised at the result! Depending upon the class size, we will pick plays to share in this fun and supportive environment.
Venue: Master Class Space

11:15 am-12:00 pm Inspiration and Muses
presented by Gyuri Hollosy and Clifford Ward
A guide to finding artistic inspiration that can be an object, subject, concept and/or simply the unassuming and misunderstood tap by a muse that has the charm and seductiveness to open the deepest doors with opportunities.
Venue: Master Class Space

12:00 pm-12:45 pm Ask a Screenwriter
presented by Mark Violi
A question and answer session with successful screenwriter Mark Violi.
Venue: Master Class Space

12:45-1:30 pm it's just DJing
presented by itsjustahmad
A beginner's look at DJing. What to buy, how to get started, and a guide to the different kinds of DJs.
Venue: Master Class Space

1:30-2:15 pm Art History, The Western Renaissance
presented by Colleen Larkin-Ayers
This energetic presentation will shed light on the western survey of Art History from the High Florentine Renaissance to the Moderns, 1500- 1960. One will leave knowing almost every period of art from Mannerism to Monet and beyond.
Venue: Master Class Space

2:15-3:00 pm Fashion Do's and Dont's for Men & Women
presented by Tammy Duffy
Learn how to build a better wardrobe from a red carpet event photographer.
Venue: Master Class Space


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